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Outcall visits to your home or space: 
Fees vary based on extra travel time and/or access to location.

60 minutes: $170

90 minutes: $210

120 minutes: $260

These rates are for at-home visits in Bergen County NJ and the local surrounding area. Rates vary for extra travel time, distance, and/or access to location.
Contact Dave with questions.

Note to long distance clients… Fees will be based on my travel arrangements including air fare, lodging and time away on location. Please contact to discuss.

During times of travel I often work from private host studios. If you wish to be notified when I will be working from one of these spaces, please let me know. Impromptu visits to these locations are subject to the outcall fees above, but when announced or working with a group, I often work at discounted rates.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Read on below to learn more about Dave's professional Bodywork and Massage practice

A Recent Facebook Post About Dave by Author Dan Millman:

As many of you know, a great deal of my work has been influenced by the teachings of Dan Millman. Even using his books as text formats for some of my coaching methods, the “ Peaceful Warrior’’ philosophy has become integral to my professional work and personal life.  So it was an amazing honor to share what I do with him, and even more gratifying  to know I could be of service.

I have always considered myself fortunate to work in a field I love and feel passionate about. Moment by moment, my practice brings me spiritual peace as well as intellectual stimulation. On occasion, something happens that  leaves me feeling extra inspired and grateful beyond words.

Thanks Dan!

Click Here to see Dan Millman's
Books and Events:

"Silk Reeling Hybrid®"

Silk Reeling Hybrid

Among Dave's clients, his most popular work is a style that he has invented called "Silk Reeling Hybrid®". Hybrid® work synthesizes the best of the basic relaxation based Massage techniques with more advanced styles of Deep Tissue Bodywork, then ads to the mix a combination of, Breathwork, Meditation, Energy balancing, primal vibration and sound, and the signature use of TaiChi Silk Reeling techniques adapted to enhance and conduct the whole orchestra of healing modalities. Oh… and it feels really good too! lol

The main objective in a Silk Reeling Hybrid® session is to create an optimal environment for healing and transformation; and evoke a state where the recipient takes a journey to the still, quiet, and spacious place within themselves, from where all new life emerges in every given moment. Anyone having read Deepak Chopra's classic book, "Quantum Healing" will find this concept familiar.

Once fully mindful and present at that "Quantum" level or mindful state within, the Massage & Bodywork serves as a sophisticated vehicle to direct and pattern new growth in a rhythmic, relaxing, and nurturing way.

From feed back dave has received over the years, he humbly says that when your Silk Reeling Hybrid® session concludes, you feel as though you have had a great Massage that surpasses anything you will receive at a spa; and most importantly, you have had a transformational experience that has re-set and revived your Body, Mind, and Spirit. You have optimized your healing capacities. Oh… And it feels really good too! :~))

Hybrid® Practice Beyond The Table

As an optional adjunct to the table Bodywork, Dave teaches an exercise system designed to maintain and enhance the healing properties experienced on the table. This system is largely rooted in the TaiJi, QiGong, & Yoga traditions and embodies the same rhythms and breathing experienced during a healing table session. It creates a muscle/cellular memory, so to speak, that helps the individual sustain the healing work during their daily life, encouraging neuroplasticity by way of their movement and breathing patterns. (Also see Holistic Lifestyle Coaching)

The image to the right is symbolic of the general philosophical principles through witch Dave's work functions...

Click Here To See Some of the Exercises
often done during one of Dave's sessions


Hybrid Practice Beyond the Table

Some Traditional Bodywork Styles That Influence Dave's Work:

Neuro-Muscular Therapy
Effective and engaged, a neuro-muscular session focuses in on painful stress-related soft tissue problems by finding and deactivating “trigger points”. Trigger points are small, inflamed spots, on a muscle, that cause a chronic spasm that generates in the reflex arches of the spinal cord. Known as the pain-spasm-pain cycle, this reflex action is, often, the root cause of many chronically painful conditions such as Sciatica, TMJ, Lumbago, and most muscle/connective tissue related problems. As with most “Deep-Tissue” styles of massage, this is not a painful experience if applied properly as Dave does.  

Myo-Facial Release
Stabilizing the structure of your body is the goal of a Myo-Facial session. Utilizing a combination of stretching and manual manipulation of the connective tissue known as “facia”, the Myo-Facial therapist seeks out and loosens areas where this substance has become shortened and/or stuck to muscles & bones. By releasing these “wound up” areas of facia, the general structure and posture of the body improves, allowing better range of motion and ease in movement.

Swedish Massage To Relax And Unwind
Therapy & Pampering come together in a Swedish massage, which is among the most well known styles of Therapeutic Massage. Performed on a Massage table with soothing lotion and aromatic oils; the generally light to medium pressure used along with its rhythmic and relaxing strokes in the direction of the heart create a great tonic to improve circulation and reduce stress.

Acupressure/Shiatsu - Thai Massage - To Revitalize The Energy System
Shiatsu & Acupressure are Eastern styles of Massage based on the principles of Acupuncture. Instead of needles, we use finger pressure applied to specific points on the body combined with special stretching, breathing, and massaging to balance the energy flow known as Chi. Traditionally performed without lotion and on a floor mat, a a Shiatsu and/or Thai Massage session can relieve stress while also leaving you feeling energized and refreshed.

Craniosacral Therapy
A true bridge between the energetic and physical. Tuning in to the subtle movements of the body, I work to nourish the nervous system and balance your whole being. Subtle manipulation and light therapeutic touch to the head and spine help improve the rhythmic flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord.

Trager Approach
A freer and easier way of being and moving is realized through effortless flowing movement and gentile touch. A deep state of relaxation is achieved as patterns of body and mind are balanced and calmed.

Clinical Bodywork & Coaching for survivors of trauma and life threatening illness. 

Clinical Bodywork and Coaching

Physically & Mentally Working Together for Healing... 

Under the supervision of your chosen health care professional, Dave offers a comprehensive integrative therapy program that especially addresses the needs of various types of situations.

Using a full spectrum of mental & physical modalities, and under the supervision of your health care provider, Dave can address a wide variety of clinical situations that include back & neck pain, muscle spasm or soreness, headaches, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica and Lumbago, etc. Dave also works with those living with more serious illness such as Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/AIDS and Cancer, etc. He also works with Depression as well as physical & mental trauma that can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Since Dave’s methods are holistic in nature, he will encourage you to bring this healing process to all aspects of your life. With this in mind, and under the supervision of your physician, you can begin to raise the quality of your life by adopting new levels of body/mind awareness.

This can be achieved through various disciplines of exercise such as Yoga, TaiChi, swimming, walking, hiking, biking, and the like. Dietary improvement as well as Meditation, Guided Imagery, special breathing, inspirational books, audio & video tapes, etc. can also become a powerful tool for healing success. This is part of the basic function of Dave’s Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. Information and/or instruction on all of the above can be obtained here on this site or by contacting Dave.  (Also see Holistic Lifestyle Coaching)


Dave is available for Holistic Lifestyle Coaching in Northern New Jersey,
including Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County, Morris County, and the Meadowlands.