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Hundreds of years old and deeply rooted in the Chinese Martial Arts Tradition, Tai Chi is a great tonic for body, mind, and soul. Originally, Tai Chi was developed as a system of disciplines designed to enhance already existing Kung Fu techniques in battle, but over time it has evolved far beyond fighting.

"Tai chi is a practical and enjoyable form of mental and physical stimulation and is beneficial for overall health. Like yoga, tai chi is an effective method of stress reduction and relaxation, and it promotes flexibility, balance, and improved body awareness. It is pleasant to watch and perform, and may be particularly helpful for the elderly, as it reduces risk of injury from falls. While it certainly has potential to improve longevity, we’ll need more studies to determine if it can actually reverse the effects of aging.”
~ Andrew Weil M.D.

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Although still employed by many Martial Artists as a powerful system of self-defense, Tai Chi is very popular among the more pacifist at heart who use it for self discovery, meditation, and even spiritual development.

When performed, Tai Chi looks like Martial Arts being done in slow motion. Tai Chi’s rhythmic and flowing motion mimics that of a calm ocean surf. The practitioner develops strength, balance, and coordination by moving gracefully from one position to another, while achieving mental focus and relaxation by harmonizing their breathing and movement.

For those who have a hard time staying quiet and still, Tai Chi is a great alternative to sitting meditation. In fact, it is often referred to as “moving meditation”, because it helps you achieve presence and mindfulness in the “here and now”.  Tai Chi shuts down the rambling mental noise that we all have when stress is in our lives. This is the same noise that keeps many of us awake at night, worrying about bills and work, and such. This is the same noise that sitting meditation shuts down. The difference is that, in Tai Chi, one is up, active, and constantly focused on the task at hand. This constant activity helps keep the turbulent side of the mind occupied while developing it’s calm side.

Whether learning a whole system and “form” (which is a complete routine of movements and principles), or utilizing isolated techniques to help with specific situations - Dave offers Tai Chi instruction in various ways and formats depending on your goals, needs, and physical fitness. This instruction can be provided in one to one private instruction or through group workshops and retreats.

There is so much more that can be said about the art of Tai Chi and the best way to learn more is to speak to Dave himself, who invites you to phone him with questions.

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Dave is available for Holistic Lifestyle Coaching in Northern New Jersey,
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