Holistic Lifestyle Coach Dave Meredith of New Jersey

The Oracle Within - Workshop Series with David J. Meredith

This fall and through the winter, you're invited to join Dave on a journey that explores the oracle within us all.

Since our ancient beginnings, we have employed the help of people and techniques specialized in connecting with potentials and intelligence that exist beyond our physical senses. Many of us feel that there is more to our experience, and sometimes turn to the help of what has become known as oracles, to connect with this larger world.

To some, it is a trusted medium who communicates with loved ones passed on to spirit. To others it is a psychic who can guide us with prophetic insights about what is to come. For many, it is about tuning in to the deep wealth of instinctual knowledge and healing that lays in waiting within each individual's potential.

From the Tarot to I Ching, hands-on healers to clairvoyants, zen-enso to TaiChi and Yoga, there are countless techniques, tools and teachers abound. In the end, the best external helper, whether a person or tool, is one that helps you touch that divine inner vision that is within you. Sometimes we really need the help of a gifted empathic prodigy, but daily, it is very fulfilling to touch the ultimate oracle - the one you see in your mirror - a treasure buried deep within the image of YOU!

This humble workshop series will explore various methods of connecting with your own inner oracle. This is a great time of year to get out and breathe the fresh air, so the first workshop in the series will be on meditation in motion. We will explore the gentle meditative potential in QiGong, TaiChi, Yoga, and hiking, etc...

As the series continues indoors during the colder months, we will explore more internal oracles from mindfulness meditation, Tarot, dreamwork, etc... Locations and dates to be announced. For more information and event announcements, please contact Dave at bodywork1@optonline.net, or feel free to contact him directly on his cel at (201) 538-0706.

Your Guru awaits. The guru inside you. The Oracle within…

Dave is available for Holistic Lifestyle Coaching in Northern New Jersey,
including BergenCounty, Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County, Morris County, and the Meadowlands.